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Fixed Telephony - Accessories

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Voice Recording Software

Call Recording is available in two different options.

Firstly we need to establish if the recording may ever need to be used in a Court of Law, this is important as some Call Recording facilities use the .wav format which is not permissable as evidence in a court of law.

In the event that the Call Recording is only required for training purposes then the.wav format is perfectly acceptable and in most cases the most cost effective option. The Voicemail within the System records the calls and then allows you to Search and Replay the required recordings at your convenience.

Calls can be searched against Date, Time, Extension Number or CLI.

With all recording requirments we supply the ability to archive data onto DVD for historical purposes.

1 hours data is comressed to approx 8Mb when stored.

Call Recording can be seen within our in house facility,  if you would like to attend and complete a hands on demonstartion please call us on 0845 450 1201.