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Customer Contact Centre Software


Purple Supply, Install and Support Call Reporting and Wallboards from the AVAYA portfolio of applications

Avaya CCR allows supervisors to track & measure staff customer service and agent productivity levels through a browser based interface. The interface is intuitive and informative. Supervisors can set alarm notification levels, customize views with the statistics they care about most, and the generation of reports is simple - drag and drop, point and click.

Recipients can receive reports in format of their choice - .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc. 


 Simple Reporting Software  

  • Track & measure customer service and agent productivity levels with real-time & historic reporting
  • Can support up to 150 agents, 30 supervisors and one administrator
  • Though CCR can support up to 150 agents, 30 supervisors, and one administrator, the primary target is SME companies with less than 30 agents.
  • Data can be real time or historical.


PC Wallboards

PC Wallboards which allow staff to see live data on call traffic, this is often connected to a large Screen. Different teams can have different views, this is totally configuarble as required.

Messages can be scheduled or sent as a one off from teh supervisor

If you would like to see this the Call Recording Software and Wallboards then please call to arrange visit to our in house facility where we can show you this in a live enviroment.