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Fixed Telephony - Lines

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Customer Billing

As a Purple customer you will be given secure access via our website to your own billing information.

You can then see what each Office is billing independently or the Company as a whole.

We upload your call data 24 hours after you have made the call. ie Mondays calls are Uploaded by the end of Tuesday if not before.

We also allow you to set simple email alerts for specific data.

i.e if you wish to be informed of any International calls then this can be set up, as soon as we upload your data it looks for a match to any required criteria set and then e-mails you a report if a match is found.

There is no charge for this facility. Historical data is held for 6 months on our Website.

Our invoices and associated reports are e-mailed to the specific contact with paper copy availble if required.

At Purple we like to ensure that your invoice is both simple and informative.

We often bespoke our descriptions as per our clients requests, just adding a cost code number can make life easier for those signing off the costs.

Each Line can have its own description, down to the name of the Home worker if required.