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0800 970 9966

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Fixed Telephony - Lines

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Non Geo Numbers

Non Geographical numbers allow you to advertise a number that does not show your location. In many instances they are used for Marketing campaigns which allow you to understand further how that particulat advertisment is working for your business.

  • 0800/0808 being Free Phone Numbers
  • 0845/0844 being Local Rate Numbers
  • 0870/0871 being National Rate Numbers

Golden Numbers such as "0808 00 88 00" are available on request, please note there are associated charges for the purchase of these numbers.

We do not charge Connection or Rental of our Non Geographical Numbers. Some numbers recieve an ongoing cost where others can allow a rebate on your invoice against calls made.

All data relating to the calls made to these numbers can be retrieved from our website on a daily basis or set up as e-mail alerts.

Information relating to these numbers will also be available on your monthly invoice.