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Fixed Telephony - Systems

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Hosted PBX (VoIP) up to 5 users

Purple supply and support the Feature Plus VOIP Solution

You’ll never lose a call with the FeaturePlus phone system

FeaturePlus brings a host of “big company” features at a “small company” price to ensure you maximize contact with your customers. The system works using broadband connectivity instead of traditional phone lines and includes the following components.

A choice of phones, either using your existing phones with an adaptor OR using FeaturePlus IP phones with large screens and easy to use instruction, PC driven features that link the phone and the computer to give you serious productivity benefit

Business broadband connected directly to our network (optional depending on what you already have in place)

A Telephone System in the core of the network which means that you have no complicated equipment to find space for, or look after

What is Hosted VOIP?
Hosted Voip is where your phone system is taken off your premise and hosted in a secure facility and users will access an administrative calling system via an online portal.

Advantages of Hosted VOIP

This solution offers you number flexibility – you can have different dialling codes for a single office regardless of its location. You will also retain your number even if the business relocates. Another advantage of Hosted VOIP is the disaster recovery solution, as the UK’s weather becomes increasingly unpredictable. Hosted VOIP provides a service to enable businesses in flood-risk areas to maintain their customer services even if the worst happens and the premises are put out of action. By deploying Hosted VOIP your business will have all the advantages without the large initial investment needed to purchase own network equipment.

With Hosted VOIP, it is possible to improve efficiency, productivity, image and customer responsiveness.

Hosted VOIP with Purple

We will map out how a hosted solution can provide benefits in the above-mentioned areas. This might include using calling groups, or explaining that the forwarding options can increase staff availability and improve response times to customer queries. Simple options such as having music or an audio track for customers to listen to if they do get placed on-hold, gives the impression that calls are being handled more professionally.

Purple uses Feature Plus so please call us to hear the quality of the call on 0845 450 1201